An invitation to write with Máire Fisher, anywhere, any time

Audio exercises adapted from Máire’s writing workshops

I’m taking the content from my writing workshops, and transforming this into audio clips which you can listen to through SoundCloud.

Each workshop comprises several small clips so that you can do the exercises as when you are able, or, if you prefer, sit down to write for a solid block of time.


  • Booking: Contact me if you would like to do a workshop and I will send you all relevant information via email.
  • Cost: R450.00 per workshop ( € 25.00 $25.00 GBP20.00 – these rates may change depending on exchange rate)
  • Venue: Wherever you happen to be!
  • Time: Whenever it suits you!

Did you know that you can write a scene in less than 45 minutes, get to know what a character is thinking simply by asking one question? Did you know that a poem or a piece of music can trigger thoughts that send your pen leaping across the page?

Using a series of exercises and a variety of techniques, these audio writing workshops are designed to  take you and your writing on unexpected journeys filled with surprise, spontaneity and the possibility of new beginnings, new stories.  They will give you the confidence to write – and keep writing.  The workshop exercises will touch on elements of story writing, memoir and poetry. You will be encouraged to shut down the inner critic that says ‘don’t give up your day job.’

the moment you pick up your pen with the intention to write, you become a writer. And so these workshops are aimed at those who want to start writing, those who want to keep their writing going, and those whose writing is in dire need of a kick-start.   Indeed, anyone who would like to experience the joy of writing in a supportive, non-threatening space.