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Interview with Politysa

Talking about the enumerations

Talking about writing

Fundza Literacy Trust

Cape Times review by Jennifer Crocker

“Grand plot woven with notable skill”

The enumerations by Máire Fisher: a book review by Karabo Kgoleng

“Fisher deserves commendation for writing about such a difficult, stigmatised topic in a creative and gripping way.”

Artslink review by Jennifer de Klerk - The Enumerations

“… an unsettling and gripping look into the fraught and exhausting world of OCD…”

Manfred Illenberger talks about The Enumerations

“…The portrayal of the OCD affliction, how it controls, and ultimately needs to be controlled, is exactly as I came to know it…”

Fiona Fewell

I felt that she understood, at a granular level, just how devastating it can be, but equally, how joyful even the smallest wins often are.

LitNet Interview Birdseye, by Maire Fisher

An interview with Jono Amid
Answering Jono Amid’s deep and far-reaching questions about Birdseye


Fight, flight, live: find your story-Birds Eye



“A wonderfully authentic young narrator who brings a freshness to the prose…”

 “…I see myself as someone who facilitates writing, provides a space where writers feel safe…”

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