The Emumerations

Publisher: Umuzi, Penguin Random House (2018)

The Enumerations is a fine book that grips the reader from beginning to end. Wise without being boring; sad, but with a refreshing sense of humour in places, and an unsentimental but real story about the dark that surrounds the most seemingly successful and ordinary people. This is a novel not to be missed.” (Jennifer Crocker, Cape Times)

“a compelling and sensitive story about families with problems” (Jennifer Crocker, Cape Times)

“a wonderful plot that Fisher weaves with extraordinary skill” (Jennifer Crocker, Cape Times)


Publisher: Penguin Random House, South Africa (2014)

“There’s something about a young voice that really appeals to me. I think it’s the rushed, uncensored, unfiltered aspect of it, the innocence, the freshness. Bird’s developing voice surprised me with its insights into character. I loved her loyalty and devotion to her family, especially to her brothers. It was difficult, though, to imagine her inner life after the boys had disappeared. And by that I mean it was hard to feel her aching sense of loss, the sort that fills your chest when you realise something has gone and you don’t know if you will ever be able to get it back again. That’s what I felt as I was writing for her.” Máire Fisher

‘A luminous debut … brimming with quiet confidence’ – The Cape Times

‘A most touching read’ – The Mercury

‘An immensely poignant, lovingly crafted story’ – Pretoria News